week #4 - week #5 no violin lessons

Hello there! 
another update for the violin progress :) 
So, a week ago... I was not able to come to the violin lesson because I had a meeting with my supervisor. Thank God, the meeting was nice & run smoothly :) and Thank God, on that week I managed to keep practicing, and the good thing is.. I reached my goal, Alhamdulilah. I was super ready to play two songs in front of my teacher for the next lesson. 

Apparently.... on Monday morning (which was two days ago), I received a message that my teacher was ill. So, again, no lesson.. 

Anyway, maybe it is a sign that I should do more preparation for my holiday :) 
It's time for a break until the first week of January!  I wish you all have a nice holidays!

Listened to : Itzhak Perlman - Schinder's List
yes, this song is already in my songlist, hope I could play this one day :)

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