Week #3 practice in the.... kitchen?

3rd week already! 

To be "istiqomah" or consistent practicing 4 days in a week is quite hard for me.  
Somehow I felt so tired in the evening after I worked in the lab. And yes, something unexpected also happened.. like last Sunday, I need to go to Amsterdam for an urgent meeting, etc etc... 

I tried to practice after 10 am in my day-off or before 9 pm in the evening on weekdays. But, imperfect condition happened. Apparently last week my free time was only before the sunrise!! I'm afraid I disturb my neighbor if I do practice in my room. 

So then... practicing in my kitchen was my only option! :) 

I don't have a music stand, so a cookbook stand also works fine for now ;)

Anyway, my goal this week: 3rd finger practice in all string (and more reading music notes!!) I hope soon I could get used to reading it. Wish me luck! 

Groningen, December 5th 2017 

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