Dealing with Dutch Tax Office after Back for Good to Home Country

Jakarta, May 2020

It has been several months that I've been back for good to Indonesia. However, even I have deregistered from the city hall, still.. I still got the letter that I don't like: A letter from the Tax Office.

So this is the chronology. In September 2019, we received a letter from SVB, asking about our leaving from the Netherlands. They sent us a form that has to be filled and we uploaded the filled form via mijnSVB on September 25th, 2019.

Then, at the end of November 2019, we received a letter from the Tax Office. It is written that we will get kindgebonden budget for 2020 and they mentioned that this decision based on the information from SVB. 

We do not want to receive any money both from the tax office and SVB since we are not in the Netherlands anymore. We tried to stop these coming surcharges via Mijntoeslagen, but we can't, without any explanation. 

We had no clue what to do, therefore we asked the secretary of my former department.

To make a long story short, she called a lady from the International Welcoming Center North and told her about my issue with SVB and the Tax office. Actually, she can not be of any assistance, but she advises us to contact Belastingtelefoon Buitenland (Tax Telephone Abroad) : +31 555 385 385.
However, she called the number above for me (very kind of her, isn't she 😇) The officer of Belastingtelefoon Buitenland could see in my account of Mijn toeslagen that I have tried to stop it - not clear why I did not succeed but she will stop it for us.

She also called SVB to find out why they did not proceed with the form we have uploaded on September 25.

And voila, at some point they have not proceeded yet with the form we uploaded... and in a short time they proceed with this and inform the Tax office to not execute any more payments of both Kinderbijslag or/and Kindgebonden budget. 

After months, we didn't hear anything. Since we don't want to wait until the end of the year, therefore we called the tax office buitenland number via Skype with credit.

With a very bad signal of internet, we managed to get the reference number and the amount of money that we had to payback. A week after, we called them again to make sure that they got the money in their system before we close our Dutch bank account.

Finally, we feel very relieved (after months!) 
I hope this story give you some idea how to deal and proceed this thing outside the Netherlands. 


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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! Dealing with taxes can be tricky, especially from another country. It's great that you reached out for help and were persistent in sorting things out. Your story is helpful for others going through a similar situation. Cheers to overcoming tax hurdles even after leaving the Netherlands!