week #8 - week #9 Suzuki Book 1

Hello there!
Sorry for the delay in the progress report (Ha!). On week #8 I skipped the lesson since (again) the lab was very busy. I did also change the schedule for the lesson to Wednesday evening because it seems more convenient for these days. 
Anyway, starting this week I use this book: Suzuki Violin School volume 1, I just said to myself "Wow it's getting real. It's getting real.. can't wait to play Bach Minuet 1.." 

I bought the book from Book Depository. This picture is taken from here
Last Wednesday I had a very nice time during the lesson. My teacher taught me the technique from song 1 - song 4 and also I start to use the fourth finger (!!!!)
Fortunately, I found some songs demo on youtube and it helped me a lot during practice. 

That's all for now. Wish me luck and may the fourth finger be with me! 😉

Groningen, 17th of February 2018

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