week #44 - Joining A Worldwide String Collaboration : Lord of The Rings Medley

It was like around mid-September, a Youtube channel Marijke Plays announced the third international collaboration, and this time is for Lord of The Rings Medley theme! Well, I was missing the Star Wars collab in January, so this time I don’t want to miss it again. I know it will be really nice to join this collab in my early stage of learning the instrument. 

Marijke provided the music sheets at MuseScore and it was divided into three parts with different difficulty. I was trying to practice the Violin 2 part but then, I did not have much time to practice (yes, I haven’t used the practice plan at that time). I was also busy to prepare the PhD defense party for my friend. Then I decided “okeydokey, Violin 3 then.” 

I was practicing for more less three days. It was so tricky to record my playing in front of the camera. I thought the recording was about to finished around 30 minutes or so, but it took longer than I thought!! I need to arrange the angle for the shooting, the lighting, and guess what? I hit a lot of wrong notes because… I’m so nervous! I did not know exactly how many takes it was but let me tell you, it was plenty :D Greget adalah ketika rekaman udah lancar dan masuk bagian akhir dari lagu, daaaan salah main. Sakitnya tuh di sini, balikan lagi dong dari awal, terus semakin grogi. Gitu aja terus :D  But anyway, I managed to send it to Marijke. I was afraid if my video is not sync with others, but anyway, nothing to lose. I have tried 😊

Finally, the video is out! In total, 21 violin, viola and cello players are collaborated in this ‘virtual orchestra’ and.... I am on the video, yeaaaaay!! 

Thank you, Marijke for letting me be a part of this collaboration and a lot of efforts to put all the videos together. Thank you, Andrew Hsieh for the beautiful music arrangement. 

Please kindly check this video out below, can you spot me? 😊

All the best, 


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