week #43 - Creating A Practice Plan

How many hours I need to practice in a day?
That is a one million dollar questions, am I right or am I right? Ha! :)

For us as an adult beginner, of course, I would love to practice.. But then.. sometimes it's kind of difficult to find time :D For instance, I need to write my thesis, I need to take care of my daughter, there is also another 'wife work' at home, then other responsibility for the voluntary activity? Whoa, how could I manage to practice?

Alhamdulillah, I found some tips from Violinspiration :) As I mentioned in on the previous posts, I used a practice journal/bullet journal to keep in on the right track :)  But my previous practice journal was not so elaborated and at some point, I don't know what to practice. And you know what? It ends up with... repeating the same song I already could play. Well, is it counted as practicing or.... fiddle-ing? :( I found my self that the progress is a little :(

So, what did I do to improve it? 
At the beginning of October (last month), I tried to make a practice plan that has more details on it. I did also try to do practice every day but it is a short time, rather have a practice in a free day or every 2-3 days for 1-2 hours.

For instance, my plan for today :
5 minutes for Scale in G major, 2 octaves (single stroke and slur) and the Arpeggio, followed with the songs from the Fiddle Time Runners (in average 2 songs, because the songs are not that long) or the concerto for like 10 minutes. For the concerto itself, I divided into parts, let's say today I only practice for bar 46 to bar 50. yes, only 5 bars! (Currently, I'm practicing Concerto Oskar Rieding op 35 in B minor, the 1st movement)

The date is on the left corner. The left columns indicate the times. When it is done, I put a check mark on it.
It has been a month I'm using this practice plan and I think I have more progress. My intonation and my bow grip are getting better (hello double jointed fingers!). Also, my 4th finger has more strength :)

Today, I just finished the Fiddle Time Runners book, yeay!!! Looking back at those time, somehow it is hard to believe that I have been playing the violin for almost 1 year! Ma sya Alloh, Alhamdulillah :) I can't wait to start to learn the vibrato :) And also, from now on I have a lesson once every two weeks. I think it is better for me, as I need to finish my thesis and also.... my daughter is getting her lesson as well (surprise surprise!)

Wish us luck! :)

All the best,


  1. I'm honoured to be in your blog! Great blog Amalina, must be inspiring to read for other (aspiring) violin beginners :) It's amazing how you're pursuing so many passions and to see your adventurous life style, next to also raising your daughter and working as a PhD researcher.

    1. WOW, still can't believe that my inspiration found my blog! I'm so honored! :')

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Julia! I really appreciate it and I'm soooo grateful to be in your academy :)