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Setiap warga di Belanda umumnya memiliki asuransi kesehatan. Menzis yang merupakan salah satu provider asuransi kesehatan di Belanda, menawarkan program kesehatan online disebut SamenGezond. Kalau dari websitenya sih tertulisnya begini 
“As Menzis, we do everything we can to keep healthcare affordable and available to everyone. Not only by properly insuring everyone for care, but also by helping people make healthier choices.”
Tidak hanya memberikan asuransi tapi juga membantu orang menjadi lebih sehat. Tapi saya lebih tertarik dengan sistem poin yang mereka tawarkan dan poinnya bisa ditukar hehe (Ibu-ibu mode on).

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Saya sendiri sudah menukarkan poin dengan voucher ticket nonton di Pathe, dan juga American Tourister Suitcase (yang ini harus nambah lagi dengan uang sih, tapi ya kan lumayan hehe..).
Menarik kan? Ayo kita kumpulkan poinnya, sebelum keburu pulang ke Indonesia hehehe..

week #54 The end is also followed by a new beginning

At the end of last year, I quit my violin lesson at music school.

Yes, I am not kidding. It was a really hard decision because I could not manage to come to music school anymore.  I could not make a balance with the high overload of thesis writing, too bad.

Indeed, I did not do it in a sudden. I told my teacher that I am going to quit the lesson for 4 weeks in advance. She was a bit surprised but in the end, we had two 'last lessons' and we tried to rehearse the Rieding Concerto in B minor in the last lesson. She gave me a hug and I could not hold my tears (Ha!), it was a bit emotional for me.

The picture is taken from here
Of course, I did not give up my childhood dream. After I left my 'offline lesson', I subscribed to an online violin class namely Julia's Violin Academy. I knew about it from a Youtube Channel, Violinspiration and  I like it! The lessons are very well structured and could follow the lesson at my own pace. Moreover, I could have feedback every week. There is also a community of the members which all of them are the adult learner as well (like me!). They are really supportive and positive. It feels good to know that I am not alone struggling with the instrument! 😁

That's all for now. For the update, I am learning the Kuchler Concertino in G, I hope I could master that piece very soon. Wish me luck!
Groningen, March 2019