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Who is Amalina Ghaisani Komarudin?
She is usually called "Amalina", her close Indonesian friends usually call her “Nna”. She was born in Bandung and grew up in Karawang with a twin sister, Amalia (make sure you know which one is which! J ) and a little sister, Kiki. She has a strong Sundanese accent (SundaPisan), but surely you won't hear it when she speaks English 😁 

She took Chemistry for her Bachelor degree, the Honors Program in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and graduated in 2011. Directly she continued her education with a Fast Track Master program in ITB. At that time, she got a chance to do the sandwich program, a joint program between ITB and Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen, for 6 months. She finished her master degree in 2012 and this brought her to a state where she is now, a PhD candidate (AIO) in the same research group where she was doing a sandwich program. 

She is pursuing her PhD with her lovely husband and they started their PhD in the same year. During her 1st year of PhD, she had a baby, Dinara Nuraisha Adharis. With a very supportive husband, until now she still learns how to keep the balance between a load of lab work and the motherhood life. She strongly believes the last ayah of Surat Al Baqarah 
"Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope" (QS 2 : 286)
She likes spending her spare time with blogging and has the passion for baking and cooking. Please have a look at the recipes she has tried in her kitchen 😊 As a side of becoming a researcher, she also likes to do a voluntary work. Currently, she is teaching in Islamic Sunday School de Gromiest or well known as Pengajian Anak Groningen, and in particular, she is handling the toddler group (2 years-6 years old) with Ibu Rini, Teh Monik and Mbak Irma.

She has a lot of dreams to pursue, not only become a great researcher but also she is now learning how to play violin. She was dreaming about it for 18 years, so it's better late than never 😊

Having a blog for her is like kind of way for documenting the life Hope the content of this blog would be useful for the readers. 

Enjoy and thanks for dropping by! J

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  1. Hi Kak Amalina! Terima kasih udah main ke blog-ku sebelumnya 😊

    Sekarang saatnya aku main balik tapi mau meninggalkan jejak dulu di page sini hahaha.

    Salam kenal Kak Amalina! Btw kakak keren sekali, gelarnya banyak nih 😳


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