Week #27 - The Last Lesson of the Season

It is already week #27! Yes, I know it has been a while I didn't update my violin progress in this blog. But don't worry, I still joined the lessons and practice regularly 😃😃😃

So far, now I'm not only using the Suzuki book 1 but also book two from Fiddle Time Runners and learned the low 2nd finger (or finger pattern of 0-12-3-4). Yeay!

One day during this period (week #10 of I'm not mistaken). When I had a lesson, my teacher wanted me to play a song that I have been practicing for a week. Somehow I started to nervous and.. In the middle, I got blank out like I did not know what I'm playing 😫😫😫

Suddenly my teacher said, "Noooo I'm practicing soooo hard but why it turned out like thissss".

I laughed so hard since that was I said to myself exactly.

Another thing, I'm not that good at sight reading of music sheets. I need to know the piece or the song first before I play it or at least I need to listen to it once. Somehow, I could play better if I play with memory. Somehow music notes got blurry when I read it. This kind of thing brings me to Nodame Cantabile. Ah Nodame, I know how it feels!! 😪😪😪

I will have the lesson in the next five weeks. My teacher gave me some exercises (and also loads of homework) for reading notes and also increase the speed of my playing, like :

1) The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba. Don't worry, I play this piece with a slow tempo haha.

2) Irish tunes, I picked "Fairy Dance" and "The Wind that Shakes the Barley"
3) Several songs from Fiddle Time Runners book with finger position of the high 3rd finger (finger pattern of 0-1-2-34).

That's all for now. Wish me luck! 😃😃

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