week #1 - The Basics of Violin

Hello there! I decided to write this section in English ☺ I know my English is not that superb but I will try my best! I have been dreaming of this instrument since I was 9 years old. I was inspired by Vanessa Mae and also Sharon Corr. 

I learned the violin when I was 19, yes, when I did my bachelor in Bandung. But then,  I did not have time to practice since I was so busy so with the academics activities, final projects, continued with master program, (and surprisingly) PhD program, and. etc etc etc....

well, to make a long story short, (with A LOT of support from my husband), I decided to learn it again, at the age of 27. Ha!

Two weeks ago I rented a violin in Het Stikerhuis, and last Monday I had my very first lesson. I know there are so many tutorials on youtube but I think I need a teacher who teaches me the basics technique. I read somewhere that it is more difficult to correct a bad habit. So, better to learn the good one from the very start :) It was almost 9 years I didn't play so I assumed that I forget all of the things (and my assumption was right, haha).

So, what I learn this week :
  • how to hold the bow
  • how to hold the violin
  • how to play an open string
  • how to play with 1st finger (only D and A string) 

This is the book that I used for practicing, and it is included a CD to make practice easier :)

Some exercises from my teacher this week:
What's challenging?
It's not easy! but I'm so happy doing this ❤ Alhamdulillaah..

Wish me luck! ☺☺

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