oh, really? is it?

Oke, oke, oke. yang suka baca blog ini pasti ngeh, kenapa sering repost artikel tentang pernikahan. ahahaa. Nna juga bingung, bloggie :D Akhir akhir ini kenapa yah Nna sering banget nemu tulisan tentang pernikahan? Nna ga nyari loh, tulisannya nyamperin sendiri! hehehhee. :D kalau liat home facebook, di news feed suka penuh sama tulisan-tulisan bagus dari fan page muslim, dan anehnya kebanyakan tentang nikaaah. hehehe. let me share one of them.
Marriage is an important phase of life for everyone but for a girl its the most amazing decision of her life. A girls dreams and wishes for her life partner.
I want a husband who would hold my hand in lines at the mall ..or while crossing roads..so that i feel protected.
I want someone who would sing to me at random moments.
Someone who would respect my maturity and love my innocence too.
Someone who would ensure that I fulfil my obligations to Allah and help me earn Jannatul Firdous.
Someone who would let me fulfil my responsibilities towards my mom & dad and would love my family like his own.
I want a guy who will accept me with love and make me feel a part of his family.
Someone who I could share my fears, my laughs, my smile and my tears with.
Someone who would not get angry over my mistakes, instead scold me like my mother and then help me to learn not to do it again.
But mostly, someone who would be loyal to me and will always be the reason for my smile.
And I promise to such a guy that I would always prove his trust right, i would be his family, and i would love and respect his parents, just as they would respect me. Compromise says: It's better to change a little rather than to lose someone forever.

 most amazing decision of my life? Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim..

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