oh no, what of kinda things that i did? huehe ;p

hello, bloggie. now i'm doing nothing while i'm waiting for the restriction analysis. hope that "tristan" gives good results. we'll see in next two hours. okaay.
so, what i do is.. googling. ah syukran, uncle google. makasih loh mas bro google. dank u well, mbah gugel. ;)
i opened the mozilla firefox. typed keywords. ooowww so bored, maybe i should read some papers about my dear lovely cutely cuddly Lactococcus lactis. but i'm really bored. ahaha, *friday syndrome*  *almost weekend* ;)
so i typed the "scientific" keywords. can you guess it? hahaha.

1st keyword : marzipan. #gubrag (it's NOT SCIENTIFIC AT ALL!)
and look at this.. ooooo, really want to make one of that. aaaaa >.< http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-marzipan-5

2nd keyword is... (i bet you think the keyword moooooore scientific than before, hahaha). and guess it? i typed fondant. #jeduginkepalakemeja (and it's not SCIENTIFIC AT ALL TOO!)

and i wondering what is the difference between marzipan and fondant? once again, syukran om google. here it is..
Marzipan is more sturdy if you're making figures or fruits out of it. It's expensive, even if you buy almond meal and make your own. Also, if you make your own you'll need to add almond extract to it for the flavor.

Fondant is cheap to make and fun to play with. It has a smoother surface than marzipan and takes color better. If you want something made of marzipan to be colored, usually you have to paint it afterwards with food colors.

You could roll out marzipan and cover a cake with it, but then you'd have to add a layer of fondant before you decorate it. Also, it's more of a European taste, so if you're in the US and you put it on a cake, the people you're feeding it to might not even know what marzipan is. It helps if you know it's a treat before you encounter it on a cake. Also, it has to go on a sturdy cake because of the weight.
taken from : http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080829124440AAp3stZ

and i found a nice blog : http://love-a-cupcake.blogspot.com/
such an inspiration for me. i like baking, really wanna learn so much about it. unfortunately in my dorm there's no oven, and mixer. T_T


and the last keyword is..
knitting. hehehee.. i really like knitting, i haven't been an expert on that, i just can make a shawl and that's it. what a "cupu" me. ahahahaha. so far, i've made 5 shawls. hope that i can make a hat or cardigans. i can't do the other technique yet... and i left my 'hakpen' in Indonesia. zzzz. *kumaha sih si nna teh, niat ga sih, hwehehe*
i just see the blog : nevernotknitting.blogspot.com. and it's really wonderful. *nambah lagi deh daftar inspirasiii*

sekali-kali kayanya boleh nih browsing tentang passion kita di kala bosen, moodnya lumayan jadi baik looh. Alhamdulillah. :)
okkaaayyy, bye for now!! :D

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