Pair of Shoes

Assalamualaikum, bloggie.
it has been a long time that i didn't update this blog. haha.
before i sleep, i just wanna write something *actually, before i forget this, i have to write it down :P
this afternoon, when i cycled so fast from Turkey Masjid in Floresplein to Grote Beerstraat, pair of my shoes was fallen. stupid me. so i stopped in the middle of the way, went back to way i was and i felt like i was Cinderella. hahaha. :)
Disney's version. :P (this picture is taken from here)
Elegant Princess' version :) (this picture is taken from here)
but i'm sure that my face was not like a Cinderella, but... this. :p
my shoe! hahaaha.. (this picture is taken from here)
and when i continued my way, i was thinking.
hmm. Cinderella. at her situation, she didn't take her shoe. she didn't look back. there's a positive side that.... if she picked up her shoe, she wouldn't have become a princess. :)

tralaaa! *suddenly a lamp comes out from my head*
Life. keep moving forward. never look back. :)

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