Saturday, April 14, 2012

one year ago..

Assalamualaikum, bloggie.
don't know why i keep blogging and blogging. heuheuheu. i should read some papers, but.. hohoho, i really wanna share this thing -before i forget-. ;p
one year ago, when i felt so hectic with my bachelor project, revision of bachelor thesis and also the other "dastan and tristan". i was soooo lazy, it was really hard to start something. and i watched Nodame Cantabile (anime) and youtube-ing.. the film and video stole my heart, definitely.
Yuja Wang. pianist.
i searched the song, Petrushka. (Nodame forgot the piece of this song and do improvising, it's funny and sad because she couldn't win the competition :( maybe you know if you watch the film, hihihihi.. ;p )
this song was a mood booster for me -one year ago-, don't know why i felt so energetic when i heard this song (maybe because of the complicated tones, so my brain cells are stimulated? hahahahaha :D)

now, i face the same thing.
presentation of master project.
master thesis.

wish me luck, bloggie. hope my project runs so smoothly -or a little bit smoothly i guess- :D

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  1. Wow, so funny.. Now I'm writting my first draft for my PhD thesis project... And searching for music I found this girl Yuja Wang in youtube playing Alla Turca (Volodos's arrangement). I immediatly thought about Nodame! And looking in the web for someone who has done the same comparision... that was how I found you xD

    (Sorry for my english... I'm chilean :P)


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