dicari dicarii. dipilih dipiliiih..

ini nih ya, waktu dulu kalau buka fb banyaknya status galau.
kalau sekarang, karena banyak nge-like group muslim (Alhamdulillah), jadinya di home fb lebih manusiawi, hehehe. maksudnya teh jadi banyak tausiyah, Alhamdulillah.. dulu buka fb teh kebawa galau, sekarang mah engga insya Allah. hehehe.
ada share picture-picture  dari sebuah grup fb, dan nna rasa captionnya bagus deh.
  • Do you know who is an honorable Husband? “He is the mαn who will choose you because of the womαn you αre, not becαuse of a tight jeαns or a short dress. He is the mαn who will αppreciαte your loose Hijαb even before seeing you with beαutiful hαircut, αttrαctive clothes αnd mαke-up. He is the mαn who lowered his gαze so that you become the only womαn he sees. He is the mαn who chose you to be his gift from Allαh for fighting temptαtions of other women. He is the mαn who preserved his heαrt for you, only you so thαt you cαn live in it peαcefully. He is the mαn whose love will mαke you stronger, He is your gift from Allαh (swt) insha’Allαh.”
  • "The Best Love Is When You Find Someone Who Makes Your Imaan Rise, Who Makes You More Pious And Who Helps You Here In The Dunya Because That Person Wants To Meet You Again In Jannah."

udah ah sharenya segitu dulu, nna mau lanjut bikin Honey-Brined Fried Chicken Breasts. :)

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  1. Masuk blog ini bikin lapar :D
    So delicious..
    I love the "He is the mαn who preserved his heαrt for you" part the most.

    You can come into my blog, if you don't mind, dear